An Open Letter to the Vulnerable Little Girls of the World…

Dear Little Girl,

There is nothing wrong with you.

You’re just a normal little girl. I know their words may cut like knives, but know that it is okay to cry.
Because they are wrong about you, and if you don’t realize that now, then their words will become your own.
Their voices will become your inner thoughts.
One day they will be gone. But that may be when you’ll realize it’s too late because you’ve beaten yourself down more than they ever could.
Now, it’s so engrained in you to hate you, to fight you, to want to be anything but you.

Little girl, please.
For your own sake, know your innocence. Know your worth.
Don’t take the blame that isn’t yours.
Stop apologizing when something hurts you. Stop apologizing for feeling.
Please, please stop apologizing for your existence or you’ll spend the rest of your life wishing it away.

You’re allowed to be a little girl. You deserve to take up space.
Learn now that you deserve to take up space.
You are not the problem, and your problems are not burdens.
Please, stop 
wondering if everyone you meet could ever love you and instead, learn to love yourself.
You are not useless, you are just a little girl. Please enjoy being young.
Understand that your body does not have to be an enemy. In fact, it is your greatest ally.
It only wants to love you and care for you, and it has done so from day one.
Please, don’t grow up spending years trying to destroy it.

There is nothing wrong with you, little girl; and you don’t have to fix everyone around you just to prove it.
You don’t have to chip away at your own self to help the ones who hurt you. Please, don’t lose yourself trying to love everyone else.
Little girl please, I’m begging you now.
Silence what you’re told and understand you are allowed to feel every feeling you ever will. Don’t fake your smiles because it is okay to frown.
It’s okay to not be okay.
Please, don’t let them confuse you along the way. It is always
better to feel something than nothing.
Please don’t try and numb yourself with anything you can, because once you start to play with fire, I promise it will burn.
And if that fire is strong enough, you’ll continue to return.

Please, care enough to put yourself first.
The world will always need a hero, but know how to save yourself.
Little girl, there are many wars you’ll wish to fight one day, so you need to hear this now. Of all the wars you will attempt to survive, the war you wage within yourself will bury you alive.

So just remember, little girl, there is nothing wrong with you inside.
Just enjoy your precious life.


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